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                         10th Anniversary


141 Y1314 Bunny Chan

Deputy to National People's Congress Mr Bunny Chan shared his view on political development in Hong Kong 2013年10月18日,人大代表陳振彬先生蒞臨本校主講香港政治發展


142 Y1314 Bunny Chan

Students thank Mr Bunny Chan for his sharing 學生感謝陳振彬先生的分享

138 Y1314 Anson Chan

Mrs Anson Chan delivered a talk on Hong Kong democratic development 2013年10月13日,陳方安生女士蒞臨本校主講香港民主發展


139 Y1314 Anson Chan

Mrs Anson Chan inspires students 陳方安生女士的講座啟發學生


140 Y1314 Anson Chan

Mrs Anson Chan shared her genuine thoughts with our students 陳方安生女士與學生真誠分享

133 Y1213 terry tsz

Tsz Cho Ho, Terry attaining 5** in 7 subjects in 2013 HKDSE, instantly becoming the media spotlight 2013年7月15日,傳媒爭相訪問第二屆文憑試狀元謝楚灝


134 Y1213 terry tsz

Tsz Cho Ho, Terry thanking his mum's for her care 謝楚灝感謝母親的照料

123 Y1213 HSBC competition

Getting Overall Champion in the Business Administration Career Pioneer Training Programme 本校學生榮獲「職業先鋒培訓計劃」總冠軍

118 Y1112 mr poon retirement

Mr Poon's farewell dinner 2012年7月8日潘鎮球校長榮休晚宴


119 Y1112 mr poon retirement

Always our beloved Principal 我們永遠愛戴的潘校長


120 Y1112 mr poon retirement

121 Y1112 mr poon retirement

We are always together as the best team 在一起,我們就是最佳團隊!



111 Y1112 grad ceremony

First Graduation Ceremony 首屆畢業典禮


112 Y1112 grad ceremony

A moment full of the joy of accomplishment 滿載歡愉的中學生涯此刻終須結束


113 Y1112 Grad ceremony

Representatives of 2011-2012 graduating classes presenting a souvenir to their Alma Mater 首屆畢業生致送紀念品予母校

104 Y1112 Mainland principal

20 Principals and Vice Principals from Mainland visit HLC to observe lessons and have professional sharing as part of a training programme2011年12月19日,來自國內「七城市協作體中學校長提高培訓班」的二十多名校長及副校長蒞臨本校作觀課及專業的交流分享

98 Y1112 new sports uniform

New sports uniform to enhance the sense of belonging to Houses運動服的全新設計旨在增強學生對社的歸屬感

94 Y1011 gala dinner

5th Anniversary Gala Dinner was organized: Parents, teachers, students and school staff celebrated our 5th Anniversary together. 2011年6月30日,本校舉辦五周年晚宴,家長、師生、教職員同慶賀


95 Y1011 gala dinner

96 Y1011 gala dinner

97 Y1011 gala dinner

We had a great night! 歡樂的一夜

83 Y1011 round sch race

Presenting this birthday cake to HLC 2010年12月3日,學生在環校跑當天送上五周年的生日蛋糕予學校


85 Y1011 art exhibition

Opening of Art Exhibition celebrating the 5th Anniversary 2011年5月13日,五周年校慶美術展開幕式


88 Y1011 Chopin piano competition

Lunchtime concerts to celebrate HLC's 5th Anniversary and Chopin's bi-centennial birthday 2011年3月21日,本校舉辦午間音樂演出慶祝創校五周年及蕭邦誕辰200周年

22 Y0708 Grand Opening

Dr. Lee Shau Kee and Michael Suen Ming-yeung GBS CBE JP officiating the formal opening of HLC 2008年4月26日本校主要贊助人李兆基博士及時任教育局局長孫明揚先生主持本校揭幕式

23 Y0708 Grand Opening

The Grand Opening of HLC 2008年4月26日本校舉行隆重的開幕典禮

16 Y0708 Sports Day

HLC First Athletics Meet 2008年2月14日,首屆陸運會,學生充滿活力,遇強越強

02 Y0607 Opening Ceremony

Cake-cutting at our first Opening Ceremony to celebrate the establishment of HLC 2006年9月1日,本校首屆開學禮,王䓪鳴博士及創校校長潘鎮球先生以切餅儀式賀本校創立