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2015-2016 HKFYG Lee Shau Kee College Speech Competition

hlc logo22015-2016 HKFYG Lee Shau Kee College Speech Competition



鼓勵學生透過語文活動有效提升語文水平,並發展多元智能。 Encourage students to improve languages by participating in language-related activities, while at the same time develop multiple-intelligence.

參賽資格 Eligibility: 元朗及屯門區小四至小六學生 P.4-P.6 students in Yuen Long or Tuen Mun districts

各項目名額 Quota for each division: 40

重要日期 Important Dates:

1 April

接受報名 (上午9時後) Commencement of submission of entry forms (starting from 9 a.m.)

29 April

截止報名 (下午5時前) Deadline of submission of entry forms (before 5 p.m.)

10 May

於本學校網站公佈比賽賽程表 Release of rundown of the competition on our school website (

13 May

更改個人資料最後限期 (下午5時前) Deadline of any changes of personal information (before 5 p.m.)

21 May

比賽日 (英文: 上午9時半至12)

Competition (9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.)

比賽地點 Venue: 香港青年協會李兆基書院 (天水圍天葵路12)
                       HKFYG Lee Shau Kee College (12 Tin Kwai Road, Tin Shui Wai)

誦材 Materials: 於以下大會指定誦材選擇一篇,請參閱本校網頁公佈。

                     Choose one from the list announced on our school website.

朗誦比賽 誦材(中文組)    (Materials-English)


  English Session  Chinese Session 
9:15 am Contestants to report at the entrance of Hall  
9:30 am Competition starts  
9:45 am    Contestants to report at the entrance of Hall
10:20 am Competition ends  
11:00 am    Chinese competition ends
11:15 am Announcement of results
11:25 am Photo taking



設冠軍、亞軍及季軍,得奬者可獲証書及禮券(冠軍$150、亞軍$100及季軍$50),其餘參賽者可獲參賽証書。 Champion, first runner-up and second runner-up will be awarded a certificate and a gift voucher (Champion: $150, 1st runner-up: $100, 2nd runner-up: $50). Other contestants will receive a certificate of participation.

報名方法 How to enroll: 填妥表格,郵寄、傳真或親身交回本校校務處。 Fill in the entry form and mail, fax or submit in person to our School Office

(報名表格已寄往各元朗及屯門區小學,如欲報名可與就讀小學查詢;此比賽只接受學校團體報名。 Enrollment forms have been sent to all primary schools in Yuen Long and Tuen Mun districts. Interested students may approach their primary schools for enrollment; we only accept group applications by primary schools)

(注意: 名額以先到先得的方式分配。) (Note: Enrollment is on a first-come-first served basis.)

查詢 Enquiries:

請與周曉慧老師或何振聲老師聯絡 (電話: 21461128 / 傳真: 21461662)

Please contact Ms Peggy Chau / Mr Maxwell Ho (Tel: 21461128 / Fax: 21461662)

比賽規則  Regulations

1.          每所學校最多可派5名學生參加分別英文及項目。 Each school may enroll a maximum of 5 contestants in each division.

2.          參賽者可同時參加英文及項目。 Contestants may take part in both English and Cantonese divisions.

3.          參賽者必須透過就讀學校報名。 Enrollment must be made via the primary school the student is studying in.

4.          參賽者只可使用大會指定誦材。 Contestants can only use the materials set by the organizer.

5.          參賽者必須於報名上表選擇誦材,報名後不得更改。 Choice of materials must be indicated on the entry form. This cannot be changed when enrollment has been made.

6.          比賽以背誦誦材形式進行。 Contestants must perform the materials by memory at the competition.

7.          參賽者不得使用任何道具。 Props are not allowed.

8.          朗誦比賽評分標準包括:音準咬字、內容表逹、感染力等等。 The assessment criteria of speech include clarity of speech, interpretation and audience awareness etc.

9.          朗誦比賽不會調較咪的音量。  The organization will not adjust the microphone volume in the competition.

10.       如有需要,大會會要求參加者提供就讀學校及班級証明 (如學生手冊或學生証) If necessary, contestants will be asked to show the student identities.

11.       比賽結果以評判團之決定為準。 The adjudicators have all right to make final judgment.

12.       比賽當日不會安排即場更改資料。 Amendment of information will not be entertained on the day of competition.

13.       比賽時參賽者從左邊進台,右邊離台。 Participants must go onto the stage from the left, and leave the stage from the right.

14.       遲到者不會被安排參加比賽。 Latecomers will not be entertained.

15.       每名參賽者可於最多2名人士陪同下參加比賽。 Contestants may be accompanied by a maximum of 2 people.

16.       比賽進行中請將手機靜音、請勿站立、離座及進出場地。 During the competition, please set the phones to the silent mode, do not stand, enter or leave the venue.

17.       拍攝人士只能拍攝自己的子女/家庭成員/朋友/學生。 Photographers are not allowed to take any photos of contestants except their own children, family members, friends or                 students.

18.      比賽進行中,除大會工作人員名,任何人士不得錄影。 Except crew members of the organizer, video-recording is not allowed during the competition.

19.      任何人士如在比賽場地造成干擾,將被請離場。 Anyone who causes disturbance during competition will be asked to leave the venue. 

20.      大會保留更改比賽規則之權利。 The Committee reserves all rights to amend the relevant rules of the competition.