HKFYG Lee Shau Kee College

Wis­dom in Action

2015-2016 Clubs and Societies

Purposes and Objectives

  • To broaden students’ interests and develop their potential outside the classroom.
  • To promote proper behaviours and cultivate positive values.
  • To provide students with opportunities in applying their skills and knowledge in life situation and social context and means to spend the leisure wisely.
  • To train students’ leadership skills through their assumption of responsibilities in school and develop their collaboration and communication skills.
  • To improve relationships between students and teachers and among students themselves, and to enhance students’ sense of belonging towards their school and community.

2015-2016 Clubs and Service Teams


* Club in-charge

Service Teams  Teacher in-charges 
 Ceremonial Service Team  *Angel Mok, Catherine Ho, Kayee Lee
 St.John Youth Cadet  *Leo Lam, Johnson Chung
 Scouts  *Emma Yeung, Eddie Sung
Prefect Team Jacky Lam, Pansy Chow
LibrarianPrefectTeam *Daisy Chow
English Ambassadors Team Kore Lai
MCE Ambassadors Team * Catherine Ho
Campus Cadet *Mike Cheung, Raymond Chan
Student Ambassadors *SyndiHui
Media Production Team  * Tom Chow


Clubs Teacher in-charges 
 Art Ambassadors Team  *Coey Woo
 Art Club *Coey Woo, Vicky Chu
Chinese Culture Club(中國文化學會) *  Syndi Hui
Dance Team *Zoe Cheung
Drama Club *Nicole Li,Carrie Chan, Mike Cheung, RenitaS.,Ren Pang
Chess Club * Gary Tam, Bryan Wong, Raymond Mak
LEAD Project *Raymond Chan, Brian ChanEdmond Lo
Music Club --Choir

*Sandy Yeung,

Pheobe Yeung

Music Club - Handchime Ensemble
Music Club –Acapella
Music Club – Orchestra
Music Club -- Violin
Music Club -- Viola
Music Club -- Clarinet
Music Club -- Trombone
Music Club -- Trumpet
Music Club -- Horn
Music Club -- Cello
Music Club -- Oboe
Music Club -- Flute
Music Club -Percussion
Public Speech and Debate Club *Peggy Chau,Rachel Zhang, Priscilla Ng 
Student Fellowship *Robin Au,Cheung Man,Beebe Cheung
Science Club *Leo Lam
Sports Council Ben Lai
Boys Badminton Team

*Ben Lai

Mr Tam Pak Ching

Girls Badminton Team
Boys Basketball Team *Jacky Lam Tong Wei
Rugby Team Joseph Wongand external coach
Boys Table-tennis Team Joseph Wong
Fencing Team

*Bonnie Mok,

Mr Chan Shek Fung(external instructor)

Girls Volleyball Team Alex Kwan, Bonnie Mok
Girls Basketball Team Bonnie Mok
Boys Volleyball  Jeff Lo, Bonnie Mok
AthleticsTeam Ben Lai
Swimming Team Joseph Wong
Tennis Team Joseph Wong
Soccer Team Joseph Wong
Cross Country Team Ben Lai