HKFYG Lee Shau Kee College

Wis­dom in Action

2016-2017 Clubs and Societies

Purposes and Objectives


  • To broaden students’ interests and develop their potential outside the classroom.
  • To promote proper behaviours and cultivate positive values.
  • To provide students with opportunities in applying their skills and knowledge in life situation and social context and means to spend the leisure wisely.
  • To train students’ leadership skills through their assumption of responsibilities in school and develop their collaboration and communication skills.
  • To improve relationships between students and teachers and among students themselves, and to enhance students’ sense of belonging towards their school and community.


2016-2017 Clubs and Service Teams

* Club in-charge

Service Teams  Teacher in-charges 
Art Ambassadors Team

 * Coey Woo, Vicky Chu

Student Ambassadors Team

 * Kayee Lee, Helice Chan, Catherine Ho, Maxwell Ho, Syndi Hui, Jamil Lubna, Kore Lai, NETs

             Library Prefects Team                                  

 * Daisy Chow, Sandy Chau (Librarian)

MCE Ambassadors Team

* Cecile Poon, Quinto Ho, Martin Lam

Media Production Team

* Edmond Lo, Brian Chan, Tom Chow, Andy Lai

Prefect Team

* Jacky Lam, Pansy Chow

School Orchrstra

* Sandy Yeung, Yeung Long Ting


* Eddie Sung, Florence Chung, Emma Yeung

St. John Cadet

* Johnson Chung, Leo Lam

Peer Counsellors 

* Emma Yeung


Clubs Teacher in-charges 
Art Club

* Coey Woo, Vicky Chu

Chinese Culture Club

* Syndi Hui, Roger Chan, Helen Wang, Cheung Chak Lam

 Dance Team 

* Zoe Cheung

 Drama Club

* Nicole Li, Carrie Chan, Mike Cheung, Seton Lai, Ren Pang, Renita Schmidt, Leung Kit Yan, NETs

Chess Club

* Gary Tam, Raymond Mak, Bryan Wong

LEAD Project

* Brian Chan, Raymond Chan, Edmond Lo

Environment Team

Florence Fung

Hong Kong Award for Young People (AYP)

KH Wong

Music Club - Choir

*Sandy Yeung,

Yeung Long Ting

Music Club - Handchime Ensemble
Music Club –Acapella
Music Club – Orchestra
Music Club -- Violin
Music Club -- Viola
Music Club -- Clarinet
Music Club -- Trombone
Music Club -- Trumpet
Music Club -- Horn
Music Club -- Cello
Music Club -- Oboe
Music Club -- Flute
Music Club -Percussion
Public Speech and Debate Club

Peggy Chau, Priscilla Ng, Jamil Lubna

Student Fellowship

* Robin Au, Cheung Man, Iris Luk, Helen Wang

Science Club

* Leo Lam

Sports Council

Ben Lai

Boys Badminton Team
Girls Badminton Team
Boys Basketball Team *Jacky Lam Tong Wei
Rugby Team

* Joseph Wong

Boys Table-tennis Team
Fencing Team

*Bonnie Mok,

Mr. Chan Shek Fung
(external instructor)

Girls Volleyball Team

* Alex Kwan, Bonnie Mok

Girls Basketball Team

* Bonnie Mok

Boys Volleyball 

* Jeff Lo, Bonnie Mok


* Ben Lai

Swimming Team

* Joseph Wong

Tennis Team
Soccer Team

* Joseph Wong, Morris Wong

Cross Country Team

* Ben Lai