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Education for Life (EFL) Program (S1-S5)

3 . Education for Life (EFL) Program (S1-S5)

Period: September – July


- To develop students a proper value and attitude towards personal qualities and healthy lifestyles.


- School- based program to cater our students’ needs.

- Selected themes & life events and emphasis on the FIVE core values.

- Diverse and flexible teaching methods such as role play, debates & MT lectures.

- Conduct by MCE teachers, form teachers, social worker and guest speakers

- S1-S3: Three lessons per year; S4-S5: Two lessons per year


 S4 MT on 9th Dec,2015. Discussion on the topic of “Justice”.

Video Sharing:

“Justice with Michael Sandel”:

2 3
S3 EFL lesson on 13th March, 2015. Anti-drugs workshop organized by YMCA social workers.
4 5
 Students participated actively in the EFL lessons
6 7
Co-organized a Financial talk for S1 with BAFS department: HKICPA “Rich Kid, Poor Kid” Road Show