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Activities 2013-2014

JA Job shadowing program

JA Job Shadowing is a partnership between the classroom and the workplace, dedicated to giving kids an up-close look at the world of work. Participating students are given the opportunity to "shadow" a workplace mentor as he or she goes through a normal day on the job. This gives young people a chance to see how the skills learned in school relate to the workplace. Participating students will have the opportunity to tour a job site, "shadow" an employee and participate in some workplace activities. At the completion of the program, students will have experienced what it really means to work at a job and be motivated in their schoolwork through a deeper understanding of the connection between academics and the workplace.






KWOK Hiu Ying Sandy (5D-4)

I am glad that I have a chance to go to Rate and Valuation Department. At the beginning, I only know it is a place for calculating rate and judging valuation of the properties. Of course, it is one of the jobs of the department but after this job shadowing, I know more details about department such as structure, divisions. And I am surprised that this is one of the jobs of surveyor. I think the jobs for surveyor are all about buildings. Now I know surveyor has a wide range of work and for general surveyor, they need to calculate rate and judge valuation for ‘everything ‘in Hong Kong every year such as buildings, theme parks, even cemeteries. It is not an easy job! All the mentors have heavy workload but they are warmhearted. They told us the information about surveys, working process as much as they can. I really thank for all the mentors and office workers for guiding us. I learn a lot and have a great fun in the program!

2nd runner-up in HKICPA Accounting and Business Management Case Competition 2013-2014 (Secondary School Group)

5 BAFS students, Amity Wong, Leo Chung, Janice Chan, Sandy Kwok and Sheryl Yeung, beat 300 teams and captured 2nd runner-up in this keen competition. Congratulation! 

The HKICPA Accounting and Business Management Case Competition (Secondary School Group) 2013-2014 is co-organized by Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (HKICPA), Hong Kong Institute of Accredited Accounting Technicians Limited (HKIAAT) and Education Bureau. The Competition aims to develop the ability of senior secondary school students, especially those studying Business, Accounting and Financial Studies, in using accounting information for business development and to improve their soft skills as required by today's business world. Since its inauguration in 2002, more than 300 secondary schools and 20 tertiary institutions have participated in the Competition, making it one of the most popular and significant annual inter-school events of its kind.



Waiting for presentation


Performing self-efficacy


Waiting for the result



We capture 2nd runner-up~


Pursuing excellence


Students’ reflection:

Leo Chung (5D)
After a half year competition, we eventually won the 2nd runner up in HKICPA accounting and business management case competition. Our tremendous success today is never an easy task. Throughout the project, we have been working on the business proposal and presentation. The sense of frustration had hit our heart for a number of times since we did not have much confident in writing business plan, which belongs to the University level. Nevertheless, we have overcome all challenges and gain the ticket for the final. 

Due to the lacking of experience in public presentation, I felt anxious about the presentation. Fortunately, the efforts of every group mates tied together and maintained my morale. The suggestions from our teachers, who are Mr. Mok, Mr. Kwan, Miss Nicole Li and Mr. Chow, are helpful for our presentation. In addition, the professional advice given by Mr. Martin Lam is inevitable. I am very grateful about their friendly advice. 

Support by our incontestable effort, we finally have to make our presentation. Although I tasted the fear and nervous emotion in my deep heart, I suppressed the feeling and presented the content in a confident manner. At last, after knowing the news that we won, I was greatly relieved in seeing our achievement by our own work. The return of the competition is far more precious than the prize. I am much more confident now. Also, I am more familiar with my group mates after the competition. 

At Last, I would like to thank Mr. Ho for guiding and supporting us in the competition. Without your help in every stage of the competition, we would not have gained the promising result today!


Amity Wong (5D)
With limited knowledge and skills, I never thought of joining such a high quality competition. This is my pleasure to be one of the teammates for joining the Accounting and Business Management Case Competition. In this competition, we are required to analysis the Hoe Hin Pak Fah Yeow Manufactory Limited, and further provide suggestions to improve the company's business. 

We have always put our school motto "wisdom in action" into practice throughout this competition. Knowledge and skills that we had learnt were applied in analyzing thousands of data, writing our proposal and most importantly, present our points confidently.                           

Rome was not built in one day, we have been focusing on this competition over half of the years. Despite our hard work, teachers support is also essential for our huge success. Thank you Miss Nicole Li, Mr Dennis Mok, Mr Martin Lam, Mr Alex Kwan, Mr Tom Chow for providing meaningful advice which enhance the quality of our presentation.

Last but not least, thank you Mr Maxwell Ho for always providing guidance and giving encouragement to us.  Without teachers’ guidance and support, it is impossible for us to won this competition!

S.3 Investment Talk

On 9/4, a talk on investment was held for S.3 students, which provide positive value on making an investment to the students.



Mr. Maxwell Ho introducing the talk



4 steps in financial management


3A Lam Wai Sum, Phronesis

After the BAFS talk, I learnt a lot from it. BAFS is a subject which helps you how to be a sensitive investor. In the talk,the first step of being a sensitive investor is to understand and know the information of the company which you may want to make an investment.But it is a lot easier to said than done, investment needs a lot of effort and you need to think very carefully,otherwise you may suffer from loss.In my opinion, I think BAFS is a quite useful subject to our future.


3A Kwok Siu Tung, Angela


I have learnt how to make an investment in this talk.I used to think that we should only focus on one financial product when we do investment,but indeed we should invest in more than one financial products so that if we lose money in any one of them, we can still recover the loss from another one.And most importantly, we should not make an investment before having regular income. Moreover, the talkalso mentioned that we will learn more about investment in S.4, which give us some preview since we do not have BAFS lesson in S.3.

S.1 Being Entrepreneur MT

On 7/4, a MT is held by BAFS department that introduce local and world-wide enterprise to S.1 students through competition.



Our student teacher




Students’ active participation


1B Chow Hei Long Hayron

In this BAFS MT, there are some higher form students to be our teacher, they ask questions about different types ofenterprise, such as when is the enterprise started to do business, and where is the place that they started their business.

In the MT, I learnt the background of some familiar enterprises such as McDonalds and Adidas and the year that they start their business. Through this MT I find that business is actually around us everywhere and every day.

Coca Cola visits

On 17/4, BAFS students visited Coca cola.


image1 image1

WONG Hiu Ying Amanda (5E)

It is a special visit which is go to visit the Coca Cola Factory. The Coca Cola Factory is a big factory that has many departments inside the factory.
  We went to the watch the history of the Coca Cola at the beginning. It showed us the change of the Coca Cola and how can it keep their quality. Next, we watched different production lines of the Coca Cola Factory that it showed the division of labour that some workers are responsible for the Cola and some are responsible for the other drinks. It will help us to find the cost more accurately that manufacturing overheads are more specific.


LAW Tin Long Jeffrey (5C) 

It is the remarkable experience for me to visit the Coca Cola Factory. As Coca Cola Factory is a well-known brand among the world, it is a great chance for me to know how Coca Cola can manage their business so good.
 In the beginning, we went to visit the production line that the Coca Cola Factory uses the machine to replace the human that the average cost will be lower because the machine is the fixed cost that the quantity increases but the cost is remains unchanged. 
 In conclusion, the well management on costing is one of the factors that help the Coca Cola to become one of the profitable firms in worldwide.