HKFYG Lee Shau Kee College

Wis­dom in Action

Our mission

Our mission

The Guidance Team is committed to building a caring and supportive school environment conducive to promoting students’ well-being,positive mental health and psycho-social competence.


The primary aims of the guidance team are to foster the personal and social development of the students and to empower students to make informed choices and transitions related to theirdevelopment.


Personal development

-          to help students develop a healthy self-concept

-          to help students develop an awareness and acceptance of their unique talents, abilities, limitations as well as their needs

-          to help students develop confidence and make the most of their abilities

-          to nurture a positive and optimistic attitude in students

-          to help students develop their goals and purpose in life

-          to develop responsibility and independence in students

-          to promote resilience by equipping students with the ability and skills to cope with stress, challenges and adversity in life

Social development

-          to cultivate an attitude of acceptance and respect in students

-          to understand how the things you say and do influence other people

-          to promote social development and build up a good interpersonal relationship in students by helping students to acquire and apply effective social and communication skills