HKFYG Lee Shau Kee College

Wis­dom in Action


  1. To develop students a proper value and attitude towards personal qualities and healthy lifestyles.
  2. To help students to recognize their roles and responsibilities and show concerns for others.
  3. To raise students’ national identity so as to contribute to the nation and society.



School-based curriculum


7 priority values and attitudes:

Perseverance (堅毅), Responsibility (責任感), Respect for others (尊重他人), National Identity (國民身份認同), Commitment (承擔精神), care (關愛) and integrity (誠信) 



5 Domains & 16 Core areas: 


Core areas

Positive Values and Attitudes



Moral education, Life education, Career education, Media education, Consumer education, Drugs education, Health education, AIDS and Sex education


Attitudes in doing things:

perseverance, self-discipline, optimistic, enterprise, positive, open-minded, rationality, integrity, responsibility, law-abiding, participatory


Attitudes towards people:

respect for others, care for others, accepting, honesty, filial piety, trust, broadmindedness, altruism, willingness to serve, appreciative


Betterment for the community:

commitment, mutuality, sense of belonging, national identity, solidarity


Universal betterment:

plurality, mutually beneficial, sustainable development, betterment of




benevolence, peace, equality, justice, freedom, democracy, human rights, rule of law


Family matters and Interpersonal relationship





Service learning, civic education, Judiciary education and Environmental education



National education






Service learning

1 MCE Objectives



Moral and Civic Education