HKFYG Lee Shau Kee College

Wis­dom in Action

Events and Activities

Alumni Gathering

Alumni had a good time with teachers at a CNY Poon Choi gathering
- 20th January, 2017
Pre-S1 Parents’ Briefing

Ms. Celia Li introduced our school’s Facebook page to parents of Pre-S.1 students
- 15th July, 2017

Pre-S1 Presentations

Students gave a drama performance at Pre-S1 Presentation
- 5th November, 2016
Primary School Visit

HKFYG Lee Shau Kee Primary School students visited our classroom
- 4th November, 2014

Speech Competition

Applause to all the primary students who performed so well at our Speech Competition
- 27th May, 2017

Parent’s Talk

Parents, children and students played a card game related to money management after the parents’ finance talk
- 17th June, 2017

Parents’ Night

Principal Lee introduced the content of Principal’s magazine to all parents
- 12th May, 2017

Mr. Martin Lam explained the study skills of Integrated Humanities to S.1 parents and students at S.1 Parents’ Night
- 17th March, 2017

Interview Skills Enhancement Workshop

Ms. Quinto Ho explained some useful tips to primary school students which may increase the chances of success at interviews
- 25th October, 2015

Open House

Ms. Smile Cheung shared her ideas about enhancing children’s learning motivation on Open House Day
- 7th December, 2016

Foundation Day

S.6 students participated in their last “Round-the-School-Race” on Foundation Day
- 2nd December, 2016