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Integrated Humanities




Integrated Humanities are divided into different modules that are further categorised into a range of units through cross-curricular teaching. These modules are the combination of PSHE subjects like History, Geography, EPA as well as connecting to other key learning areas like Business Education, Liberal Studies. Through the integrated curriculum, it balances across the learning objectives in the six strands of PSHE framework.


Aims and objectives for 2017 - 2018

  • to raise students’ exposure to current affairs
  • to optimize the design of assignment and assessment
  • to reform the current curriculum of IH and prepare for the reform for PSHE KLA in HLC




Knowing Oneself

  • Multiple Intelligence
  • Peers influence

Business World

  • How to do promotion?
  • Be a sensible consumer
  • Different form of business ownership

Managing Finances

  • What is money?
  • Saving habit
  • What is entrepreneur?

Developing Values and Critical Thinking 

  • Facts and opinions
  • Conflicts in values

Basic Map Reading Skills

  • 7 continents and 4 oceans
  • Locating ourselves

Hong Kong Political System

  • Basic Law
  • Election of Chief Executive

Urban development of Hong Kong

  • Relief of Hong Kong
  • Land use in Hong Kong
  • Urban problems in Hong Kong

Rights and Responsibilities of Hong Kong Residents

  • Rights and responsibilities

History of Hong Kong

  • British colonial era
  • Japanese occupation

Hong Kong Economy

  • 3 types of production

Modern China

  • Chinese Government structure
  • Western development