HKFYG Lee Shau Kee College

Wis­dom in Action

Integrated Science

S.1 Science


Recommended websites

Ch 1 Introducing science

New Scientists

Kids Science Project

The Scientist  

Ch 2 Looking at living things

World Wildlife Fund


Animals Extinct This Century

Ch 3
Cells and human reproduction

Physical Properties & Structure of Cells

Microscope Imaging Station

BBC Health

Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention  

FPAHK Sexuality Education Website

Ch 4

GovHK: Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Energy Resources  

Ch 5

PUB, Singapore ‘s National Water Agency

Environmental Protection Department

Public Health Guidance Note  

Ch 6
Matter as particles

Measuring Gas Pressure

BBC-KS3 Bitesize: Science – Particle Model



S.2 Science


Recommended websites

Ch 7
Living things and air

Daily application of neon

Fire safety

Calories in different food

Hong Kong Council on Smoking and Health

Ch 8
Making use of electricity

Introduction to current and resistance

Mobile phone battery

Heating effect of current

World wide voltage on electrical appliance

Wide use of electricity

Ch 9
Space travel

Introduction to friction

Basic knowledge of space

Isaac Newton and Laws of motion

Space travel


Ch 10 Common acids & alkalis

Robert Royle

Introduction to pH factor

Acid rain

Chemical Waste Treatment Center


Ch 11
Sensing the environment

Human senses

Dissection of cow eyes

Brain and our senses  

Optical illusions