HKFYG Lee Shau Kee College

Wis­dom in Action

Daily Tasks

Tasks (2017-18)

Purchasing Souvenirs
  • Do stocktakes regarding all the souvenirs (including the souvenirs bought on the 10th anniversary).
  • Purchase souvenirs to replenish souvenir stocks.
Student Ambassadors
  • Recruit Student Ambassadors from S.1-S.5 in the club promotion period.
  • Select around 60 students from Student Ambassadors and provide further training in etiquette and greeting techniques when serving honored guests.
  • Carry out duty as receptionists in major school events.
Replenishing Business Cards
  • Get the most updated information from TICs of functional groups / subject coordinators by email.
  • Purchase new business cards.
Primary School Visit
  • Actively approach and liaise with targeted primary schools in Yuen Long and Tuen Mun Districts.
  • Send invitation mails to different targeted primary schools.
  • Arrange lesson observations and school tours in the Primary School visits.
Preparation for school events, e.g.Pre-S1 presentation and parents' nights
  • Handle logistics in major school events.
  • Prepare souvenirs and related documents prior to the events.
  • Monitor the progress during the events and collect and summarize parents' feedback afterwards.
Alumni Gathering
  • Explore the types of gatherings and handle catering in the alumni gatherings.
  • Invite alumni and teachers to join the gatherings through different social media channels.
  • Draft the rundown and handle logistics for the gatherings.
Annual Cultural Night
  • Actively assist the school in promoting this event to the public and handle logistics.
Conduct talks or sharing by outstanding students in their primary schools
  • Liaise with targeted primary schools and collect their opinions about the preferred topic and date.
  • Send invitation mails to different targeted primary schools.
  • Handle logistics for Primary School talk/sharing in order to promote our school.
Formation of Alumni Association
  • Compose the Alumni Association constitution and seek approval in SMC.
  • Receive nomination and arrange promotion with Alumni Association Preparation Committee (AAPC) members.
  • Conduct AGM and voting.
  • Draft the work routine and the schedule of Alumni Association.
  • Explain the right and responsibility in the 1st Alumni Association meeting.
Make Promotion Videos
  • Communicate and cooperate with Mr. Edmond Lo to make school promotion videos with reference to the school’s major concerns.
Update the alumni and student outstanding performance
  • Collect information about outstanding students’ achievement or outstanding performance by email.
Update the alumni talent pool
  • Invite alumni to complete the Google Form to share their personal information and strength so that we can make practical and effective use of the talents of alumni.
Update the alumni contact list by year of graduation
  • Standardize the contacts of alumni in a master file (Years 2015, 2016 and 2017), so the school can easily approach different batches of graduates.
Update the Webpage
  • Update the Campus Highlights in the school’s website.