HKFYG Lee Shau Kee College

Wis­dom in Action

2013-14MCE Ambassadors Team (德育大使)

2013-14MCE Ambassadors Team(德育大使)

The team aims at raising students’ interest in community services activities.

Students in the team not only being trained as moral leaders but also play an active role in organizing school activities, Friday assemblies and helping students in HLC to cultivate positive values& attitudes towards life.


 *Group Leaders

(From right to left)

2nd row:

l   5C Lo Chun Kit, Bobby

l   4A Tang Tin Yu, Thomas

l   5D Poon Chun Wai, Franky

l   5D Ma Kwan Lok, Johnson*

l   5D Chung Cheuk Hang, Anthony*

l   5C Law Tin Long, Jeffrey

l   5D Chiang Ming Ho, Anson

l   5C Mung Ho Yi, Edward*


1st row:

l   4B Ng Wing Shuen Alice

l   4D Leung HiuChing, Angel

l   4B Au Hoi Shan, Shana

l   4B Ip Chin Lam, Vanniellel

l   5C Lai Wing Tung, Tiffany*

l   5D Wong Hoi Ching Amity*

l   4B Lai Nok Yu, Natalie

l   4B Wong LokYiu, Yoyo

l   4C Chan Lok Yi, Sherry

l   4C Lee Pui Yan Carmela

l   4A Chu Wing Kan, Polly

l   4D Chow Emily Hiu Ying

l   4E Wong Hiu Ying, Amanda