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Physical and Health Education (PHE)

Health Information


My Wellness Tracker
Health Zone - Central Health Education Unit of the Department of Health
Centre for Health Protection (CHP) of the Department of Health
Healthy Exercise for All Campaign
Sport e-Learning Platform (HKedcity)


Hong Kong Schools Sports Federation 香港學界體育聯會

School Sports Programme 學校體育推廣計劃

Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong Sports Institute 香港體育學院

Hong Kong Amateur Athletic Association 香港業餘田徑總會

Hong Kong Amateur Swimming Association 香港業餘游泳總會

Hong Kong Basketball Association 香港籃球總會

Hong Kong Football Association 香港足球總會

Volleyball Association of Hong Kong, China 香港排球總會

Handball Association of Hong Kong, China 中國香港手球總會

Hong Kong Badminton Association Ltd. 香港羽毛球總會有限公司

Hong Kong Fencing Association 香港劍擊總會

The Hong Kong Netball Association 香港投球總會