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Visual Arts


The junior secondary Visual Arts curriculum embodies Investigating and Making, Arts Criticism and Aesthetics, Knowledge and Cultural Understanding, and Positive Value and Attitude.  The curriculum is designed to establish a steady foundation to students in order to prepare the senior secondary curriculum and further discover their potential and habit.

Students are able to experience the technique of drawing, painting, sculpture making, and thinking.  Our school has provided sufficient facilities to enable students to have the best experience of learning.  VA lesson is different from the other subject.  We need more explorations and observations.  Therefore, we may sometimes move the lesson outside the VA classroom, such as the library, playground, or further the art museums or exhibitions in Hong Kong.  We may also invite some local artists or designers come along to share their experiences and paths of success to our students.

Therefore, HLC’s Visual Arts lesson is not only an art making lesson, but also a practical and interesting learning experience.

Aesthetic Development for NSS Students (OLE)

Aesthetic Development plays an important role in helping students to lead a healthy life and achieve whole-person development. Without public examinations, students can Students can stretch their creativity and express the sense of beauty through appreciating, creating, performing and reflecting. Fostering students' life-long interest in Art and cultivating positive values and attitudes are also our objectives.


  • Develop students’creativity, sense of beauty and abilities of art criticism;
  • Cultivate students’ positive values and attitudes toward different cultures;
  • Foster students’ life-long interest in art.