ccomplishment is another important element that helps us flourish. A person strives to grow in some ways, whether he or she is seeking to master a skill, achieve a valuable goal, or win in some competitive events.

Co-Curricular Activities

HLC puts huge emphasis on adopting a healthy lifestyle through a variety of co-curricular activities in the light of nurturing HLCians’ athletic and aesthetic development. We also strive to provide them with opportunities in serving the community as well as equipping them with relevant generic skills for life.

Life-Wide Learning Week

Life-wide Learning refers to student learning in real contexts and authentic settings. Such experiential learning enables students to achieve certain learning goals that are not as easily attained through classroom learning alone. It enables students to achieve the aims of whole-person development and thus develop lifelong learning capabilities that are needed in our ever-changing society. Therefore, Other Learning Experiences (OLE) working group organises various trips and activities for our students to ensure that students engage in meaningful learning experiences in accordance with the school aims.

Service Groups

Echoing the employment of Positive Education to blend academic learning alongside character building and well-being, the “One Student One Service Group” scheme aims to nurture caring minds and to develop a strong sense of responsibility and social awareness in all S.1 students.