Alumni Association

Alumni Association

Founded in 2018, the Alumni Association of HKFYG Lee Shau Kee College has been linking alumni of different generations, and fostering and promoting closer union and confraternity among its members. Furthermore, the Association encourages alumni to support and contribute to their Alma Mater.


Its mission is to unite our alumni worldwide, to promote and perpetuate the HLC spirit, to foster love and trust among alumni, to support the School’s mission, contribute to society.

Committee Members of the 3rd Alumni Association Board (2022-2024):

Chan Shun Hei Bosco(President)Graduate of 1920

Chan Yan Tong Viola(Vice President) Graduate of 1920
Ng Wai Kei Vicky (Vice President)Graduate of 2021
Pang Chung Him Matthew(Secretary) Graduate of 2021
Lau Hok Him Howard(Treasurer) Graduate of 1920
So Wing Lam Kitty (Public & Alumni Relations) Graduate of 1819
Lin Tsz Tsun Esther(Event Manager) Graduate of 2021

School Management Committee Alumni representative: Chan Yan Tong Viola

HLCAA Website:        New Member Registration of HLCAA

Committee Members of the 1st Alumni Association Board (2018-2020)

Lau Nap Chung(President & School Management Committee Member) 2017

Fung Tak Him Wilton(Vice President)2016
Szeto Yuk Ting (Vice President)2017
Wu Hoi Ching, Stephy (Secretary)2017
Fung Tsz Wan, Abi(Treasurer)2017
Cheung Chun Hin(Treasurer)2017
Kwok Siu Tung(Public/ Alumni Relations)2017
Tse Sin Chun(Public/ Alumni Relations)2017
Chung Pui Shing(Event Manager)2017
Ho Shing Hin (Event Manager)2017

Committee Members of the 2nd Alumni Association Board (2020-2022)

Lau Nap Chung Harry(President) 2017

So Wing Lam, Kitty(Vice President)2019
Ma Fai Siu, Jacky (Vice President)2019
Tang Wing Yiu, Regina (Secretary)2019
Chan Yan Tong, Viola (Secretary) 2020
Lo Tin Yan, Timothy(Treasurer)2019
Chan Shun Hei, Bosco(Treasurer & School MAnagement Member)2020
Lau Hok Him, Howard(Public/ Alumni Relations)2020
Szeto Yuk Ting, Jessica (Event Manager)2017

Alumni Gathering