Engagement depicts that when a person concentrates on a thing that he or she genuinely enjoys and values, the person would enter a state that is fully “absorbed” in the things he or she is doing; we call this state as “flow” in positive psychology.



All students in HLC are divided into four houses. We hope to create small communities within a wider one. Through activities and competitions, this system provides chances for our students to develop various aspects in their growth: cooperation, innovation, morality, knowledge, responsibility, resilience and perseverance. We allow students to operate their houses with teachers’ guidance and encourage participation which contributes excellence in sporting, academic and social fields, as well as aesthetics in music and art. It has become one of the best ways for young students to cooperate with older students in the same house in the hopes of winning the overall championship of the year.

Students’ Union

All students of HKFYG Lee Shau Kee College are qualified to be members of the Union. They have the rights of being elected, voting, proposing motion and attending the meeting of the steering committee as observers.

The aims of the union are:

– to put wisdom in action.
– to cultivate students’ democratic spirit and develop their leadership skills.
– to enable students to become productive citizens.
– to develop students’ sense of belonging to the School.
– to strive for welfare for the members of the Union.
– to connect teachers and students and give advice to the School.
– to cultivate students’ will to serve others.

S6 Graduation Affairs Organizing Committee

We encourage our students to start the Graduation Affairs Organizing Committee every year. Through organizing the Farewell Assembly, Graduation Dinner, preparing their very Graduation Book, we hope students not only to reminisce about their joyful school life, but also to recollect sweet memories for all HLCians.


In their Farewell Assembly, memories shared by teachers and students vividly flash across our minds and touches everyone’s heart. Another stunning gala event that our students hold is the S6 graduation dinner, which wraps up out students’ secondary school life with a meaningful and unforgettable note.


Our prefect team aims to bridge the communication between the school and students. They delicately keep the school in order and maintain school ethos. They serve as role models and offer support to other students in many different aspects of their school life and value education.

Leadership Training Programme

The Leadership Training Programme introduces selected students to a variety of leadership skills so that they can develop their own leadership style. They learn how to approach situations in a non-confrontational manner using the full spectrum of directive through to non-directive leadership skills. Students are given tuition in basic financial skills and a comprehensive understanding of how to plan and promote programmes, provide constructive feedback, delegate work, motivate people and create a harmonious and positive culture within HLC.