MOOC Award Scheme – Reimbursement Policy


Reimbursement (maximum 8 courses) will be provided for the verified certificates of the MOOCs offered by edX, Coursera and FutureLearn though parents need to pay the fee first. Parents may then submit the following to Mr Jimmy Chan via the Google Form to apply for reimbursement:

  1. A softcopy of the certificate of completion
  2. the receipt with the payer’s name, amount paid, date of purchase and title of the MOOC clearly stated
  • the credit card statement which shows the payer’s name, the amount paid and the date of the transaction for the purchased course (to avoid differences in currency conversion)


For subscriptions, students can be reimbursed for the number of months that corresponds to the length of the course. For instance, if the course lasts 6 weeks, the College offers to reimburse a maximum of two months’ subscription fee.


If the above documents are not provided, the application for reimbursement will be rejected. If students wish to be reimbursed for a course that is over US$150 (or equivalent), they should first seek approval from Mr Jimmy Chan before they make any payment for the course. Students should send an email to Mr Jimmy Chan (


Link to the reimbursement form